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And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath;

- Deuteronomy , 28:13

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145:14, (Read 145)

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A Concise Historical Sketch of the Beginning and Growth of the Institution

Since the leaders of the Assemblies of God in Tamil District felt the need for another Bible College in addition to Tamilnadu A.G Bible College at Madurai to train more workers to meet the need of growing churches of the A.G. Denomination particularly, they started Madras Assemblies of God Bible College in the year 1998 under the leadership of Rev. Dr. D. Mohan, the Senior Pastor of New Life A.G. Church, Chennai. In the beginning Rev. G. John Daniel had served as the Academic Dean. From its beginning the College occupies the premises of New Life A.G. Church. In future the College will be shifted to its own campus near Kanchepuram, which is yet to be developed. In addition to providing all the essential facilities, New Life A.G Church has been the major financial contributor of the College. The Institution was started with limited facilities and personnel; but with the help of the Organization and the New Life A.G. Church the facilities and the number of personnel gradually increased. In a short period the College grew in strength of the students and in its academic standard. From the beginning itself lot of efforts was put to run the College with a good academic and spiritual standard. As the Leaders of the Assemblies of God had desired, the College has been growing in its achievements amidst challenges.

The College has been a role-model to other Colleges. For instance, from its start the College has been financially supported by local churches, primarily by New Life A.G Church and other local A.G. Churches. Moreover, beside sending students as missionaries to North India, the MABC community annually contribute a good amount of money to support mission work (Rs. 4,30,000/- in 2013 - 14). Further, while paying more attention to the Academic standard, College has been thriving to maintain good spiritual standard among MABC Community by conducting a fasting prayer on all Fridays from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm and Bible Quizzes every month.

The Registration of the institution

The Organization of Assemblies of God of India has been registered with the Government of India. Madras Assemblies of God Bible College is a part of Tamil District Assemblies of God.

Organization Affiliated to and Constituency of the Institution

The College is affiliated to Tamil District Assemblies of God, which is a part of Assemblies of God of India and primarily committed to serve A.G. Churches in Tamilnadu and other A.G. Mission fields in India. Tamilnadu is the primary constituency of the Institution.

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